The FIRE STROBE 2000 signal is received optically by line of sight. The range varies with the ambient light and intensity of the strobe emitter.
A typical range varies from 150 feet to 500 feet. The detector will not allow false operation with unwanted signals from radio interference
and/or flashing headlights or loud sounds.

The acquisition time from the emitter light source to the discriminate module is approximately 500ms.

The FIRE STROBE 2000 is widely used for security/electric gate access. It can be used for firehouse garage doors and other
related access needed by emergency vehicles. This emergency-vehicle strobe detector provides rapid access to any gated community
that has been serviced by fire and emergency equipments from the OPTICOM* STROBE SYSTEM.


Complete installation instructions are provided with the FIRE STROBE 2000 for simple hook-up of the unit to interface
with your gate or access control. Two dry contacts are also provided for bi-directional operation where needed.

The photoeye assembly is typically mounted 8 feet to 10 feet above the street level and is aimed for optimal strobe signal.
(A total of (2) photoeye assemblies may be used) A 12 VAC power supply is provided with the FIRE STROBE 2000 system.

Testing can be accomplished with the optional FIRE STROBE tester App from your smart phone.
This Tester App will enable a throughput of signals from the photoeye assembly to the relay output.


1. Frequency 14.035 Hz +/- .25Hz for class II signals. Optional frequencies available.

2. The FIRE STROBE 2000 is fully compatible with the OPTICOM* priority control emitter.

3. The strobe acquisition time is programable from 500ms-2000ms.

4. The PC board construction is mounted in the enclosed 8" x 8" x 4" rain-tight NEMA J-Box.

5. The weight is approximately seven pounds.

6. The power requirements are 12/24 Volts AC/DC non-polarity conscious, approximately 1 Watt draw.


The FIRE STROBE 2000 has a one year warranty when used according to the manufacturer's specifications.
This warranty does not apply when theFIRE STROBE 2000 has been abused, over voltaged, or altered in any way.
The warranty coverage is at the sole discretion of the manufacturer. This unit is to be used only for the operations as described above.

*OPTICOM is a trademark of 3M

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